Answers for the most frequently asked questions can be found below. If you could not find the answer for your question, ask us directly sending an e-mail to: contact@narmox.com. A lot of information about Narmox Spear application can be also found in Documentation section.

What Narmos Spear does? 

Narmox SPEAR application gives new functionalities to HPE SDN Controller. The application enables for a network engineer to program network activity without the knowledge of any programming languages. More information can be found in Documentation section.

Who is Narmox Spear directed to? 

Narmox SPEAR application is made for network administrators, who know network protocols and the rules of network functioning.

How can I install Narmox Spear? 

To install the application, it should be downloaded from Download section. Follow HPE VAN SDN Controller guide to finish the installation.

The documentation for network HPE products is available here: http://www.hpe.com/networking/support

Where Narmox Spear licence can be purchased? 

Narmox SPEAR licence can be purchased by our partners. It is advised to contact us, we will provide the best partner for you. Contact us here:: contact@narmox.com


How can I notify you about the issues with the commercial licence? 

You should contact via email and phone.
Detailed contact information you receive when buying support.

I’m looking for a training about SDN networks… 

We offer trainings about SDN network, including the training about Open Daylight Controller and HPE SDN VAN Controller.
We organize courses in both basic and advanced scope.

More details can be found here: http://www.narmox.pl/pl/strony/1015.szkolenia-sdn.html

In my network there are devices that do not suport Open Flow- will I be able to use Narmox Spear? 

In few years most of the clients will have mixed network environments. Narmox Spear application can be successfully used also in those giving you the benefits of programmable networks. The only demand is to use devices that are certificated to work with the application.

The devices supporting SDN functionality and working with HPE VAN SDN Controller will be seen as a group of devices connected to the traditional networks. The optimization of the network functioning will be able to be used on devices supporting program control functions.

The details about particular device models can be found in the documentation of the product. If you have any more questions, we invite you to contact us: contact@narmox.com

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