Narmox Spear Documentation


Narmox SPEAR application gives new functionalities to HP SDN Controller. We offer a ready to use platform for logic conditions and actions creating, depending on an issue to solve.

Narmox SPEAR application enables for a network engineer to program network activity without the knowledge of any programming

How it works

Narmox SPEAR application offers a versatile scheme of network programming, that enables defining of scripts for the particular network environment. The application works on the
following components:

  • Triggers - defining input information that can be used in conditions, e.g. state of the link, state of the switch, state of the port;
  • Schedulers - defining time frames, e.g. days, hours;
  • Conditions – defining logical conditions (based on triggers and achedulers) describing when the application will change the network activity executing a particular action;
  • Actions – implicate the change in the network configuration or sending of information (e-mail, log), when defined previously condition will be fulfilled.

In addition, the application offers two predefined schemes:
1. The possibility of replacing STP protocol with program control of the network.
2. Load Balancing of WAN routers.


Narmox SPEAR application is made for network administrators, who know network protocols and the rules of network functioning. It offers a lot
of possibilities of programming and does not require programming language knowledge. It also allows to take advantage of many benefits of
programmable networks and new technologies for network experts.
The application makes use of specific SDN qualities, so it is easy and fast to:

  • virtualize the network,
  • create test environment,
  • lower the risk while applications migration,
  • use the current infrastructure more efficiently,
  • get help with problems about network functioning solving,
  • react to failures,
  • balance the traffic,
  • find specific solutions for different clients.

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